Exchange programs provide a great opportunity for UEB’s lecturers to expand their cooperation network, develop their research topics, as well as strengthen their creativeness to form new research directions and ideas with lecturers at partner schools.

Through the exchange programs, lecturers can better understand their partners through interacting with the their management system and encountering a completely new culture and environment. In addition, lecturers participating in the program will represent UEB to build the foundation and establish cooperative relationships with receiving schools, creating a premise for UEB and other schools to promote the implementation of more meaningful cooperation activities in the future.


Exchanging lecturers with prestigious universities around the world is prioritized by UEB, because this provides an opportunity for not only lecturers to improve their research and teaching capacity, but also be a stepping stone to create long-term relationships in connection and cooperation between universities.

In December 2022, the Faculty of Development Economics sent a delegation of lecturers to the Faculty of Economics, Pusan National University - Korea (PNU) to participate in teaching students and graduate students. This is not only an opportunity for UEB’s lecturers to affirm their international teaching capacity and qualifications, but also opens up opportunities for cooperation, research, and exchange of students and lecturers between the two schools in the future.