Mission – Vision – Core values

Human Resources Department 09:46 30/11/2021


Providing high-quality human resources to the society with an orientation towards experts and leaders in the fields of economics, management and business administration to meet the needs of high quality, efficient and sustainable development of Vietnam; researching and transferring research results to the Government, organizations, businesses and society; establishing a favorable condition to create, nurture and develop talents in the fields of economics, management and modern business administration.


Becoming an applied research-oriented university ranked on par with advanced universities in the world, including a number of majors and specializations accredited by reputable higher education accreditation organizations in the world.


1. Encourage creativity and nurture passion

The University of Economics and Business is a free and creative environment that supports innovation and nurtures the passion of generations of lecturers, scientists, officials, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and researchers. Passion stimulates creativity, creativity brings innovative ideas, and innovation will create breakthroughs to affirm the position and brand of UEB.

2. Respect differences, promote cooperation

Cooperation is about respecting differences. The resonance of cooperation with the differences of each member of the UEB community who are united in one direction and pursuing the same goal creates synergy for the entire university.

3. Quality-and-efficiency driven

Quality - efficiency is a choice aligned with the strategic goal of achieving regional and international rankings, expressed in all aspects of each unit and member of UEB. They are not only the driving force for all actions but also the goal of all lecturers, scientists, staff, students, undergraduate students, and postgraduate students at the university.

4. Ensure harmony and sustainable development

Harmony in all activities from common tasks to individual and collective interests is the motivation for each member to constantly strive for self-improvement and is the foundation for the sustainable development of the university.