History of establishment and development of VNU University of Economics and Business

Office of Organization - Personnel 21:59 30/11/2021

UEB was established following Decision No. 290/QD-TTg signed by the Prime Minister on March 6th, 2007. It has undergone historical transformation periods and originated from the Faculty of Political Economy, University of Hanoi in 1974.

Throughout its establishment and development, UEB has continuously improved the quality of training, scientific research, and other services to achieve the goal of becoming an applied research-oriented university and providing high-quality human resources in the fields of economics, management, and business administration. UEB is known as a university with a rich history, tradition, vision, and determination to strive towards world-class quality and level.


Important historical milestones in the establishment and development of VNU University of Economics and Business.

At present, UEB is a pioneer in converting training programs from standard systems to high quality systems and designing training programs according to technical and economic norms, meeting the increasing requirements of university training. The university has pioneered the conversion of 06 high quality training programs under Circular 23 to determining tuition fees based on technical and economic norms, creating 01 new interdisciplinary training program (Economics and Management) according to technical and economic norms. Currently, UEB is delivering 08 bachelor's level training programs (06 full-time and 02 affiliated training programs), 10 master's level training programs, and 05 doctoral level training programs. At the same time, to implement the funding autonomy mechanism for some training programs, UEB opened the Master’s Program in the Management of Financial Institutions, the Master’s Program in Public Management (affiliated with Uppsala University – Sweden, degree awarded by VNU) and others.

Students attending international affiliated programs studying on campus

UEB is aiming for quality accreditation according to ACBSP standards in the coming period in accordance to its development strategy towards education internationalization and international economic integration. Training programs accredited according to ACBSP standards will help the university improve its training quality, affirm its position in the higher education system, and fulfill its commitments to society in constantly improving the training quality to meet the changing needs of society. UEB planned to have 06 training programs accredited according to ABCSP standards (USA). So far, UEB has 06 undergraduate training programs accredited and granted certificates of compliance, including 02 programs accredited by AUN-QA, 04 programs by the Ministry of Education and Training. 

Bachelor's degrees from training programs accredited by ACBSP are highly appreciated by employers. This is a way to ensure that students are well-trained in universities, and possess the knowledge and skills needed for their future careers

UEB has the most international exchange students within VNU, Hanoi, and pioneer in conducting domestic student exchange with other leading universities in Vietnam. Thanks to strongly promoting of student and lecturer exchange with partners, every year dozens of students are exchanged to more than 50 universities and research institutes in 15 countries and territories such as: National Chengchi University, Taiwan; Uppsala University, Sweden (Education program degree awarded by VNU); Lincoln University, University of Exeter, UK; Yokohama National University, Japan; Cracow University of Economics, Poland; University of Arizona, USA; Chung Ang University, Korea; Ipag Business School, France... without having to pay the differences in tuition fee. At the same time, the university also welcomed hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students from many countries such as the United States, Australia, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Korea... to study, creating an international learning environment. UEB’s students and international students can study abroad at the lowest cost, without having to pay differences in tuition fees between universities.

Credit exchange program with foreign universities at UEB

UEB has developed a comprehensive network including the scientists’ community, the businessmen’s business community, and the student clubs’ community. Through the businessmen – businesses’s community, UEB’s students can be recruited while studying. Many large corporations (Samsung, SeaBank, Doji, Xuan Hoa...) participated in vocational training, built career skills, and registered for annual recruitment quotas. The network also attracts many student scholarships from many Vietnamese and foreign organizations and businesses such as Vietcombank, BIDV, VPBank, Seabank, ACB, Hapro Corporation, Insewa Group, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Group... In addition, students can join a community of clubs: Research Community for Economics Students (RCES), Young Economists Club (YEC), Future Entrepreneurs Club (FEC), Business Administration Club (BA PLUS), English Club (BeONE)... The learning environment in the scientific research community has helped UEB’s students always achieve many awards in competitions at national and international levels. The employment rate of university graduates is over 96%. The majority of graduates have high incomes. The survey of employers' assessment of UEB’s students shows a very high level of satisfaction with 3 criteria: knowledge, skills, and ethical qualities & responsibility.

UEB – VNU, Hanoi is considered as a destination for young intellectuals, demonstrated by the fact that the university has repeatedly organized major regional and global seminars and conferences such as the YSI Asia Convening (held from August 12 to August 15, 2019) gathered nearly 500 scientists from 38 countries around the world.

Throughout a 45-year journey starting from the Political Economy Faculty of the University of Hanoi (1974), UEB – VNU, Hanoi has been awarded the Third Class Labor Medal in 1997; Second Class Labor Medal in 2004; Third Class Labor Medal in 2022; Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for outstanding achievements in the fields of business administration training, management research, science and technology development, international cooperation, contributing to the development of Socialism and National defense in 2021; Certificate of Merit and Emulation Flag from the Ministry of Education and Training for the 2019-2020 period, Emulation Flag from the Government for the 2020-2021 period for having outstanding achievements, typically leading the emulation of VNU, Hanoi.

For many years, the University of Economics and Business – VNU, Hanoi has received Certificates of Merit & Emulation Flags from VNU, Ministry of Education and Training, and the Government.