The Standard Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration for Talented Athletes

Office of Academic Affairs 17:31 28/03/2022

The Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration for Talented Athletes aims to provide society and the sport field with high-quality human resources who have broad and deep professional capacity in management, business, event organization, and communication; master research methodology; have modern and critical thinking; have the spirit and capacity for management and entrepreneurship; have proficiency of foreign languages; and have the ability to adapt to Vietnam's increasingly deep and broad international economic integration.

1. Jobs students can hold after graduation

Group 1: Business administration specialists: Work for businesses, economic organizations, and other organizations who can undertake tasks such as sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc., in the future they can become head of a department, department, director of a project, and director of a business or sports management organization.

Group 2: Consultants: Able to work at companies and corporate governance consulting organizations, consulting or management organizations, relevant ministries and departments, whocan undertake other tasks such as analyzing and preparing reports on the business market, building and implementing business strategies, human resource plans, production..., in thefuture, they will be able to become analysts, consultants, leaders.

Group 3: Assistant and secretary: Work as an assistant or a secretary of the board of directors ateconomic organizations or othersinside and outside the country; can undertake the following tasks: carrying out analysis, reports, and advise on business activities such as business strategy, human resources, marketing, finance, and support in transactions with partners; collaborate and arrange work schedulesfor leaders. In the future,they will able to become heads of departments or divisions.

Group 4: Entrepreneurs: have the ability to start their own business, create and run business activities, and manage very small, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

2. Possibility of qualification improvement

After graduating, students have enough knowledge and professional skills to continue studying and researching further at the graduate or doctoral level to become researchers and lecturers in the field of business administration at relevant domestic and foreign agencies and organizations. 

Download the curriculum here.