The Application-oriented Master’s Program in Public Policy and Development applicable from 2022 onwards

Office of Academic Affairs 17:08 13/07/2022

The program aims at providing interdisciplinary master's level students in public policy and development, meeting the increasing demand for human resources for public policy analysis, management and planning in Vietnam during the development and integration based on sustainable development economic thinking.

1. Jobs students can hold after graduation 

Group 1: Analysts, researchers, planners, policymakers,  persons who can conduct a strategy on development policy, managers at State agencies in ministries, departments from central to local levels.

Group 2:  Analysts, researchers, policy consultants, policymakers, planners at international organizations and non-governmental organizations; administrators, managers, planning officers, and strategy builders at economic groups and businesses.

Group 3: Researchers, lecturers at research institutions and universities that deliver academic programs on public policy and development.

2. Possibility of qualification improvement

After attending the training program, graduate students will be able to master sufficient specialized knowledge and skills to study for a doctoral degree.

Download the training curriculum here.