The Application-oriented Master’s Program in Political Economy applicable from 2022 onwards

Office of Academic Affairs 16:46 13/07/2022

The program is designed to train master-level students who have basic, systematic knowledge of modern political economy including: political economic issues associated with the development of countries; allocation of resources and benefits of major countries, issues of Vietnam's political economy, industrial revolution and development, income distribution in a market economy, relations between the State and the market, international integration... To absorb that knowledge, students are also equipped with supplementary knowledge through a number of basic and interdisciplinary courses.

1. Jobs students can hold after graduation 

Group 1: Officials and civil servants of the Party and State. With the taught knowledge, skills and qualities, the basic and systematic understanding of the guidelines of the Communist Party of Vietnam and State, a Master’s Degree holders of Political Economy fully meets the requirements for officials and civil servants of the Party and State. They can work for Party and State agencies, from local to central.

Group 2: Experts ateconomic and social organizations. Thanks to interdisciplinary knowledge, a Master’s Degree holder of Political Economy can work at economic consulting organizations, public administrative organizations, and international economic organizations in Vietnam; become an expert in implementing and supervising the implementation of management decisions in organizations; Have the potential to become policy analysts, consultants and senior economic and social managers.

Group 3: Lecturers and Researchers. With the taught basic and systematic knowledge, Master’s Degree holders of Political Economy will be able to research and propose solutions to socio-economic problems. At the same time, they also have the necessary skills to convey their knowledge and understanding. Therefore, they can work at research institutes, media agencies, and universities delivering academic programs of economics; become researchers, editors, lecturers; participate in researching and teaching economic issues, especially modern political economy, and become senior researchers, editors, and lecturers in economics.

2. Possibility of qualification improvement

After completing the program, graduate students will have sufficient specialized knowledge and skills to study for a doctoral degree.

Download the training curriculum here.