The Application-oriented Master’s Program in Economic Management applicable from 2022 onwards

Office of Academic Affairs 17:05 13/07/2022

The application-oriented Master's Program in Economic Management is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of economic management and the ability to work independently and creatively; They will be able to organize and implement economic management policies, promote and effectively use economic management knowledge to perform specific management tasks. In order to study for a doctoral degree,  they have to take some courses on sectoral basis and research methodologies according to doctoral-level requirements.

1. Jobs students can hold after graduation 

Group 1: Managers at state agencies at all levels, ministries, branches and localities: They are capable of planning and implementing economic policies at both the macro and micro in the context of globalization and economic integration. This is an important human resource to improve the effectiveness of Vietnam's state economic management in the process of innovation, industrialization and modernization.

Group 2: Managers at organizations and businesses: They are capable of implementing economic management tools, based on the implementation, they will be able to evaluate economic policies issued by the State, programs, strategies, plans on economic development carried out by public and private economic organizations, contributing to helping state agencies manage the economy more effectively.

Group 3: Consultants on the implementation of policy for businesses and management agencies: They will be able to conduct policy analysis and provide advice for businesses and state agencies to properly implement economic guidelines and policies.

2. Possibility of qualification improvement

After completing the application-oriented Master’s Program in Economic Management, students will be able to take some courses on sectoral basic knowledge and research methodology required by VNU to be eligible for a doctoral-level program.   

Download the training curriculum here.