The Application-oriented Master’s Program in Business Administration applicable from 2022 onwards

Office of Academic Affairs 16:51 13/07/2022

The application-oriented Master's Program in Business Administration was built to equip learners with scientific thinking methods, strategic thinking, and specific operational skills in areas such as leadership, marketing management, human resource management, financial management, project management, risk management, etc. Learners also have problem-solving and decision-making skills in an asymmetric information context, are equipped with a foundation of business ethics and corporate culture, and know how to properly carry out corporate social responsibilities to harmonize benefits in society.

1. Jobs that students can hold after graduation

After graduating from the Application - Oriented Master's Program in Business Administration, students can take on one of the following jobs: 

Group 1: Middle managers at domestic and foreign enterprises.

Group 2: Business owners and/or chief executive officers (CEOs) at domestic and foreign enterprises. 

2. Possibility of qualification improvement

After graduation, students have enough knowledge, professional capacity, and career skills to continue studying and researching at a higher level with the admission conditions in line with regulations, or they can continue to study at a domestic and/or foreign academic programs in an appropriate field. 

Download the curriculum here.