Guidance on how to look up materials at VNU Library and Information Center (VNU LIC)

VNU University of Economics and Business 21:46 07/01/2022

Becoming an staff, lecturer, or student at UEB, you can borrow documents in 02 forms: online (e-books, softcopy) and offline (hardcopy) at the VNU LIC, as follows:

1. Bookworm 

➔ Access link:

➔ Number of documents: ~ 20.000 titles of textbooks and reference e-books, categorized into module codes of majors of 07 universities and 05 schools under VNU.

➔ Installation instructions:

To install the Bookworm application on computers and smart handheld devices, readers download the VNU-LIC application (App) suitable for the operating system of VNU-LIC devices and log in with their account/password. Password is VNU email address (for staff and lecturers) or student code (for learners).

- Devices using the Windows operating system download applications from Microsoft

- Devices using the Android operating system download applications from Google Play

- Devices using the iOS operating system download applications from the App Store

2. Digital Library for Internal Resources

- Access link:

- E-theses and e-dissertations: ~ 28.000 titles

- Scientific research working papers, journals, conference proceedings, seminar proceedings: ~ 12.000 titles

3. Foreign language e-journals and e-books

Access link: -> Direct access to electronic database

Online electronic databases Bookboon, ScienceDirect, World Scientific, MathSciNet, SpringerLink: 52.378 e-books; 4.118 journals.

4. Printed materials

100.000 titles of books; 400 journals.

In addition to the access links above, readers can also scan QR codes to directly access library applications and websites:

Sincerely present our library to readers!

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