Doctoral Program in Political Economy

VNU University of Economics and Business 17:05 21/04/2022

Issued together with Decision No. 2910/QD-DHKT dated October 30, 2018 of the Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business

Purpose of Doctoral Program in Political Economy

The Doctoral Program in Political Economy is referenced from the Doctoral Program of world-leading universities, aiming at training doctoral candidates in Political Economy with solid knowledge of modern politics and economics and independent research skills. After completing the training program, doctors in political economy are expected to have a creative mind, the capability of detecting, analyzing, and evaluating the interactions between factors in the field of political economics, the ability to write and conduct research scientifically and professionally as required to offer new approaches and new explanations. A Ph.D. in Political Economy has the ability to apply knowledge and research methods in the field to solve economic problems at the macro and micro levels.

Benefits of being a doctoral candidate in Political Economy

Deepening specialized knowledge:

The Program offers modules and topics that help graduate students understand and apply in-depth knowledge and new theories of political economy, while also providing multi-dimensional approaches to modern politics and economics, analysis of political institutions, theories of political economy of development, international political economy and Vietnamese political economy as required to solve the problems of the dissertations and training fields.

Strengthening the capacity of research

The program equips graduate candidates with the ability to identify and solve problems within their expertise and propose valuable initiatives; a deep understanding of specialized knowledge and research methods in solving specific research topics; the ability to develop a personal capacity development plan, the ability to adapt to a highly competitive working environment and professional mentorship capacity as are required to give conclusions on complex issues of expertise; to protect and take responsibility for their professional conclusions. Doctoral candidates are expected to become future leaders who are good at management, able to develop and evaluate plans and thus make decisions on the directions to solving assigned tasks; and demonstrate their leadership capacity through building high-performing teams to handle major problems.

Improving professional skills:

The program is designed to help graduate students practice the skills of discovering, analyzing, evaluating, forecasting, criticizing, and consulting on solutions to economic problems based on in-depth political economics arguments. Doctoral candidates are expected to have the ability to competently apply systematic thinking skills and interdisciplinary methods, providing a unique approach from the perspective of modern political economics to detect, analyze, and evaluate new problems in the field of political economics. At the same time, graduate candidates have the ability to conduct research independently, create new ways, or apply knowledge and skills to define and propose solutions to emerging socio-economic problems in reality, especially to proactively negotiate and resolve conflicts between interest groups.

A wide variety of career opportunities

Doctorates in Political Economy have the opportunity to work in a variety of agencies and organizations such as: i) High-quality Economic Analysts/Consultants who work responsibly with analyzing, evaluating, criticizing, consulting, and planning public policy; Consultants/Specialists who supervise the implementation of management decisions in many different socio-economic organizations including international organizations; ii) Highly qualified economics researchers and lecturers who are capable of conducting independent research of their own, and have the capacity to participate in training in the field of Economics at all levels at educational institutions and who can become senior researchers/lecturers participating in research and training on modern political economics and international political economics; public policy analysis and planning at the state/international consultant level; iii) Longlife learners who earn a Doctoral Degree in Political Economics pursue their longing to become senior analysts and consultants; economic leaders, senior lecturers on political economics.

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