Doctoral Program in International Economics

VNU University of Economics and Business 17:06 21/04/2022

Issued together with Decision No. 2913/QD-DHKT dated October 30, 2018, of the Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business. 

Vietnam is increasingly integrating into the world economy and has gained some encouraging achievements. In the coming time, Vietnam's economy will continue to integrate deeply into the world economy. That requires a large number of high-quality human resources equipped with knowledge of international economics. Specifically, that context requires highly motivated and ambitious aspiring international economics, and international relations scholars who have excellent analytical, and critical thinking with professional expertise on how to produce such syntheses and critical assessments about the macroeconomic situation and who are willing to serve as future leaders in the state management agencies to issue appropriate and effective government policies at all levels. Training and research programs at universities and research institutes require scientists fully equipped with in-depth knowledge and advanced research methods to contribute high-quality research results for society.

The features of the Doctoral Program in International Economics of UEB in comparison with domestic academic institutions.

The Doctoral Program in International Economics is referenced from the program of Johns Hopkins University, USA which is the 13th-ranked university in the USA, and 16th in the world based on the ranking of America's most prestigious magazine USNews.

The graduate students who earn the Doctoral degree in International Economics at the University of Economics & Business - Vietnam National University Hanoi will become i) Experts in government policy planning, analysis, and consulting; ii) Highly qualified researchers and lecturers.
Both of these groups have an orientation to in-depth research and training in the field of International Economics.

The program features internationally standards-qualified scholars who guide doctoral students’ research and mentor their development: 

Lecturers participating in training and guiding research from the University of Economics & Business - Vietnam National University Hanoi are scholars with professional capacity in International Economics, well-trained at universities abroad, and have teaching skills in English, with rich experience in international research and mentoring graduate students.

Furthermore, that is an advantage of the University of Economics & Business thanks to the ecosystem of scholars, who work at Vietnam National University - Hanoi, nationally and internationally highly-regarded universities and research institutions collaborating with the UEB.

UEB commits to supporting and accompanying graduate students throughout the study process to complete their dissertations on time:

The Faculty supports graduate students and their supervisors in international publication, linking their research topics with scientific research topics at all levels, and enhancing the collaboration between Doctoral Training Institutions - Research Institutes and corporations to support commissioned research and technology transformation. That is a unique point of the Doctoral Program in International Economics at the University of Economics & Business, Vietnam National University Hanoi.

Graduate students are supported to earn their doctoral degree on time, as follows:

- 100% of graduate students will receive detailed guidance and support in publishing national and international high-quality scientific articles that meet international standards.

- 100% of graduate students have the opportunity to participate in scientific research and training activities (teaching assistant/teaching) at universities depending on their own strengths and self-development plan.

- Each graduate student is provided with a personal roadmap designed to suit their working and studying conditions to ensure the opportunity to get their Ph.D. on time.

- Each graduate student is provided with full support for necessary procedures quickly, logically, and effectively through both face-to-face and online forms.

Objectives and methods of study: The purpose of the program is to train highly qualified scientists who are capable of discovering and solving new meaningful problems in science and technology in the field of International Economics and conducting scientific research for an effective application in their workplace.

Duration and Structure of Degree: A short-term, focused, and flexible program creates circumstances that enable graduate students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds to achieve fundamental and in-depth knowledge, and participate in scientific research, teaching, and defending their doctoral dissertations.

The Program is designed in accordance with output standards and the credit-based training systems at Vietnam National University Hanoi.

The Program is referenced from the Doctoral Program in Economics of Johns Hopkins University (USA)

The program grants eligibility for the Doctoral Programs in the field of Economics of the University of Economics & Business, Vietnam National University Hanoi.

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