Adjustments to the Bachelor’s Program in Economics, applicable from 2022 onwards

Office of Academic Affairs 09:50 22/08/2023

The program is designed to train students to have basic, modern and systematic knowledge of economics, and in line with the reality of world political economy, media economics, health economics, and management in the field of health care, economic management; have scientific thinkings; have the ability to identify, communicate, analyze and apply knowledge to participate in research and solve economic problems; can continue to study at a higher level and accumulate knowledge from practical activities to become consultants, economic policy practitioners, researchers, lecturers, and entrepreneurs in the fields of business economics and management.

1. Jobs students can hold after graduation 

Group 1: Economic analysts, consultants, and negotiators: Have capacity to work at interdisciplinary socio-political and economic organizations; economic consulting organizations; public administrative organizations; international economic institutions in Vietnam; media agencies; medical and health care facilities; businesses; and economic corporations. They can function as an analyst, a researcher, and a market forecaster; Involve in policy-related negotiations, criticism, and planning; Participate in consulting and monitoring the implementation of management-related decisions; Work as reporters in economic and business, employees in health care facilities, startups...;  potentially to become policy analysts, negotiators, professional consultants, policymakers, and business managers, and have the opportunity to become politicians through training and practical experience.

Group 2: Researchers and lecturers: Ability to research and teach at research facilities and higher education institutions in economics; undertake tasks such as participating in research and teaching modern economic issues, especially in international political economy, media economics, health economics, health care and economic management.

Group 3: Become entrepreneurs in the fields of economics, business, and management. Be able to establish businesses, and provide and develop products and services.

2. Possibility of qualification improvement

Students graduating from the Bachelor Program in Economics have the ability to study, improve their qualifications at higher levels, and accumulate knowledge and experience from practical activities to become experts, leaders, and politicians who have high leadership ability and adaptability. 

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