Degree’s Bachelor of Business Administration

Office of Admissions 15:41 09/11/2021

Business Administration has always been attractive for dynamic young people, especially since Vietnam has integrated into the world’s economy for recent years. Learning what business administration is helps you prepare yourself before choosing a major. We are now studying all the necessary information, thereby helping you better aware of this field.

What is Business Administration?

Business Administration has always been attractive for dynamic young people, especially in the trend of international economic integration and the 4.0 revolution. Business administration is understood as activities performed by managers to run enterprises effectively. These activities are included planning, organizing, leading, and controlling various business processes to achieve the goals set by the enterprises.

What do you study in the Business Administration major at UEB?

UEB Program in Business Administration is built on the reference to the Business Administration Program of the Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley, USA) with suitable adjustments and supplements to Vietnamese conditions. The program is designed with both theoretical and practical knowledge in Business Administration to help learners able to solve complex tasks, accumulate knowledge of basic principles, natural and social laws in the trained field to develop new knowledge and continue to study at a higher level, to have knowledge of management, administration, law, and environmental protection related to the Management, Business and Business Administration. 

Business Administration students: Confident and dynamic

Open career opportunities, outstanding personal development abilities 

- Ability to start their own business, create and operate business activities, and manage small and medium enterprises. 

- Work as marketing staff, sales staff, human resources staff... who are able to adapt in a highly competitive working environment, being capable of working for enterprises, economic organizations, and other organizations at homeland and overseas. 

- Work as assistants and secretaries of the board of managers, board of directors, assistant to the directors of enterprises, economic organizations, and other organizations in Vietnam and other countries.

Experience “learning through doing” with outstanding advantages 

Business challenges – a student startup contest 

- Have the opportunity to go on field trips in year 2, to gain internships in years 3, 4.

- Experience practical extracurricular activities: meeting entrepreneurs from leading businesses, participating in appealing contests like the Business Challenges, Login SBA…

- Attend classes delivered by well-qualified, highly experienced lecturers, guest lecturers who are analysts, policy makers, and entrepreneurs.

- Participate in research projects managed by lecturers, supported to publish research papers in domestic and international journals. 

- Have opportunities to participate in international exchanges, study at international universities following credit recognition programs. 

-Have opportunities to receive scholarships for excellent entrance exam results, excellent academic achievements, and excellent training gains.

More details of the Business Administration program can be found here.