Choosing a university: Not only a place to study, but a place to prepare for the future

Office of Admissions 14:34 27/11/2021

Everyone often is reminded: “University attendance is not the only path to success, but it is the shortest path”. On the threshold of adulthood, young people have to face the challenge of choosing a university. The university is not simply a place to “hit the books”. The real value of a university degree is the change in your awareness, thinking, and attitude during your studenthood, thereby laying the foundation for you in life.

Even famous billionaires like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of college to focus on their careers - admitted that university attendance is really beneficial and choosing the right learning environment plays a vital role in the success or failure of a person's life. The university is a place to practice skills and build relationships - things that are essential to survive in this fierce society.

It would be great if there was a place with a scientific curriculum, quality lecturers, and modern facilities for students to focus on studying, improving themselves, and orienting their future.  UEB offers students such a multicultural academic community.

A brand that guarantees the leading training quality in Vietnam

The first big decision for those just entering adulthood is deciding what major and university is the best fit for them. That is a turning point that determines their success in the future. How to choose a university and how to study at university is an “art”. Many bullet points were written down by young people when making a decision, along with their wishes and expectations for where they will study. Many criteria are given and probably one of the first bullet points for the vast majority of young people is whether a university's brand ensures its quality. With the position of No.1 university in Vietnam for many years according to many prestigious rankings in the world such as QS Ranking, THE... VNU is always at the top of searches for young people looking for a high-quality learning environment. And for young people who love economics, surely UEB will be an indispensable name on their “wishlist”.

A dynamic and creative learning environment, opening up many opportunities for personal development

Universities in the new age constantly find different training methods to help young people have the opportunity to improve themselves not only intellectually but also physically, mentally, and life skills. These things always go hand in hand and complement each other so that students become confident enough to find a suitable job after graduation.

One of the experiences that might not be missed when becoming a UEBer is the domestic and international student exchange programs. At UEB, students have the opportunity to participate in credit exchange with leading universities in the economics sector in Vietnam such as the University of Economics - University of Da Nang; the University of Economics - Hue University; the University of Economics and Law - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City... In addition, through student exchange programs with 13 countries around the world, UEBers can also experience a multicultural learning environment and have the opportunity to travel across five continents. Each journey will be a chance of growing up, bringing a dynamic and creative image of UEBers to international friends.

UEB awards many valuable scholarships as one of the opportunities for its students to establish themselves as highly-motivated and ambitious talents. In addition to the Outstanding Performance Scholarship that aims to give recognition to the performance of outstanding students with a total value of up to 20 million VND/semester, students also access and win other valuable off-budget scholarships from partners of VNU, UEB.

Discover yourself through interesting extra-curricular activities

Studying at university is not only a journey for developing professional capacity but also a personal growth process in all areas of your life, including your relationships, career, happiness, fulfillment, health, and wellness. During their time at university, some people will find other passions or interests that they are interested in. UEB provides students with a series of clubs and extracurricular activities every year to help UEBers have more space to improve themselves, relieve stress, and discover their new potential talents.

Many events, including academic competitions, art contests, talent competitions, and large-scale sports tournaments are held throughout the school year, always welcoming the participation of students from all over Hanoi. That is also proof that at UEB, young people have enough space to find their own identity, express themselves and create a memorable student life. Coming to "UEB land" is setting foot in the bloom of youth!

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